The TRAQ-IT Badges solution allows conference attendees to check-in and print badges in as little as 10 seconds.

Check-In & Badges simplified

Ask about TRAQ-IT's ExpoTRAQ solution for managing your events.

Conferences simplified

Use TRAQ-IT's EventTRAQ solution to manage event logistics and bring order to chaos.

Event logistics simplified

Badge Printing

Patent pending TRAQ-IT Badges print stations can produce 2,000 badges per hour, per station, thereby reducing the burden at a registration desk and minimizing the need for additional costly equipment; Simplify access for attendees with an efficient and secure on-site process.

Text Registrations

TRAQ-IT Text Express is an on-site text registration system which allows non-registered attendees to quickly text their information to your Event Number, reducing the need for interaction with a Registration Desk and expediting new attendee registration.

Lead Management

With TRAQ-IT Lead Manager or TRAQ-IT Leads exhibitors can capture leads, add notes, and view leads in real time, helping to close deals faster. These solutions allow exhibitors to export lead information and import the leads into individual CRM software.

Exhibitor Management

TRAQ-IT has provided software solutions for corporate trade show exhibit and event managers since 1998. Event-TRAQ is designed to assist in planning, organizing, collaborating, reporting, monitoring, and managing trade show resources and logistics.

How We Can Help

We aim to help our clients with their most critical issues.
Online Registration:

TRAQ-IT will create a unique registration solution that can integrate within an existing website. TRAQ-IT design specialists can also custom build event websites to your specifications.

TRAQ-IT Onsite Express

Our unique Online and Onsite Registration Solution allows attendees to quickly register and make payments for all events, without burdening the registration desk.

Attendee Session Tracking 

We have many options for Event Organizers to take control of meetings and track session attendance using our hand-held tablets and mobile scanning solutions.