EventTRAQ helps your organization plan events, organize inventory, manage personal, budgets and expenses. EventTRAQ ensures your events are successful from start to finish by providing progress reports, to-dos, reminders and itineraries. EventTRAQ utilizes the robust functionality, power and reach of the Internet to facilitate and deliver a very powerful tracking software tool for professional trade show managers 24/7.

  • Web Access allows all tradeshow managers and key stakeholders to instantly communicate and exchange information in real time, across all time zones.
  • Critical information is entered once by the trade show managers and is available to be distributed to all show participants. Participants can access their individual travel itineraries and staffing schedules.
  • Comprehensive inventory management and shipping status available anytime with a simple point and click. Stores images of displays/ equipment and generates shipping itineraries.
  • Third party and outsourced participants, such as your exhibit house or travel agency, are easily included in your planning process within the EventTRAQ system.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities facilitate communication. All information is consolidated into a single data source. Displays a built-in reminder system for all due dates.
  • Expedites payments to vendors, carriers, and show producers and generates itemized budget/expense reports for each/all shows.
  • Archives information for quick access to all of your tradeshow activity.
  • Tracks multiple booths and activities and attaches any file or network to any show

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ExpoTRAQ utilizes technology to simplify and increase conference and event operations. Our solution will help your organization manage and conduct its events regardless of their size and scale. ExpoTRAQ is comprised of several integrated software and hardware products.  Our solution will allow your attendees and exhibitors to register, print badges (rapid check-in technology) and it provides lead retrieval based on your audience and show requirements. ExpoTRAQ's patent pending badge printing fulfillment system will: reduce attendee wait time to pick up their badge, eliminate long lines, reduce staff overheard and increase customer satisfaction. The ExpoTRAQ system enable conference attendees and exhibitors to print their badges by using their cell phone.  As they arrive at hte show they will call the phone number displayed on the badge printing kiosk and their badge will print in less than 10 seconds.

  • On-line registration eliminates the need to track your pre-registered exhibitors and attendees in spreadsheets.
  • On-Site registration can be completed using a single approach or a combination of approaches to reduce lines and get your attendees in the door faster.
  • On-Site registration could compromise of the traditional registration desk, self registration kiosk, roaming registers and/or even using your cell phone's texting capabilities.
  • Eliminate wasted paper and ink by printing the badges on-demand when the attendees arrive.
  • Easy check in by simply making a phone call from your cell phone, no waiting in lines.
  • Lead Manager system that can be fully customized to capture additional data, send emails on the spot and integration with other data sources.
  • Lead Scanner mobile app that can easily scan badges for later follow-up.
  • Easily track your session attendance with our Session Tracker.
  • Various reports and data analytics to track attendance and registration data.

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