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Expo Management Solutions

The ExpoTRAQ system is configured to meet the needs of creating a world class event. The system comprises of the following parts: Registration, Check-In, Badge Printing, Session Tracking, Lead Retrieval and Data Analytics.  This allows the event organizer the ability to create and promote an event with real time registration confirmation, on-demand badge printing, reduced registration lines and a unique experience for your attendees and exhibitors.

TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassOn-line Attendee and Exhibitor Registration

TRAQ-IT will create registration solution that integrate with your current website or a TRAQ-IT Design specialist can custom build your Event Website.  All Event Organizers will work closely with a TRAQ-IT consultant to customize an Event Registration Experience to meet your goal and timelines.  TRAQ-IT has a many Registration Templates and Features that can be custom designed by the event manager on their own time. Registration Line
  • Are you manually tracking your exhibitors and attendees using spreadsheets?
  • Do you need the capability for Group Registration, Housing Blocks, Real Time Confirmation, or just a better automated process?

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TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassQuick and Easy On-Site Attendee Registration Options Featuring TRAQ-IT Text Express

TRAQ-IT has developed On-Site Text Registration system, called TRAQ-IT Text Express.  Non Pre-Registered Attendees can quickly text their information using a cell phone to your Event Number without the need of Registration Desk.

TRAQ-IT Badges Register 04TRAQ-IT On-Site Express is powered by TRAQ-IT Text Express combined with our in-house custom application running on  tablets powered by Motion. Our unique On-Site Registration Solution allows for Attendees to quickly register for your event and pay for it without the need for a Registration Desk.  For events where a registration desk is still needed, we can use the same solution with keyboards just like your traditional approaches.  If registration starts to back up, the same tablets can be used for roaming registration quickly eliminating the backlog of attendees.  ExpoTRAQ's multiple registration methods allow you to better manage your attendee registrations.

  • Are you frustrated with long lines with non-registered Attendees?
  • How much time does it take you to register your non-register guest or attendees?
  • Is there always a long process at your Event with on-site Registration?
  • Do you have the capability for the attendees to pay at the door?

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TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassOn Demand Badge Printing  Featuring patent pending TRAQ-IT Badges Rapid Badge Printing

TRAQ-IT Badges prints Name Badges on Demand! Eliminate check in/registration desk, costly equipment, chaos and confusion.  Each TRAQ-IT Badges Station prints 33 Name Badges per minute and up to 2000 per hour. Eliminate the headaches of pre-printing Name Badges and simplify access to your attendees with a quick secure on-site processing using TRAQ-IT Badges to print Name Badges from Tablets or Mobile Phones.  Yes, we said Mobile Phones!  The pre-registered Attendee can dial your Event Number and their Name Badge will print On-Demand in a matter of seconds. Please see our video at BadgePickup.net.

Our Unique TRAQ-IT tablets powered by Motion are developed with our patent custom forms.  Handwriting is instantly converted to text when captured by the tablet digital pen. Tablets have real time access to attendee registration information and confirmation, On-Demand Badge Printing, On-Demand Reporting and any other Database information from your event. These tablets can even be used for Attendee Tracking because each Tablet is equipped with a Bar-Code Scanner.

BE GREEN! Print On-Demand.  Don’t waste paper and time printing Name Badges that go left behind at the Registration Desk.  We can accommodate any Meeting Size.

TRAQ-IT Badges Print 04

  • Do you get tired of creating Name Badges for your Event?
  • Do you get tired of carrying the Name Badges to the Event?
  • Do you get tired of wasting Name Badges at an Event that are not picked up?

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TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassOn-Demand Real Time Attendee and Exhibitor Tracking and Reports

We have many options for event organizers to take control of your meeting and session attendance tracking through mobile tablets and mobile scanners with access to Data Analytics Reports provided on-demand? attendee-tracking-information
  • Would you like to take control of your Attendee and Meeting Session Tracking?
  • Are you looking to automate your continuing education certificate process?

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TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassLead Management and Lead Retrieval Options for Exhibitors and Attendees

TRAQ-IT LEADS Badge Scanner is a full featured app available for iOS and Android devices. TRAQ-IT Leads allows the exhibitor or attendee to take full control in capturing Lead information. Add your Notes for additional Lead data capture.  Export the Lead information and import into your CRM software.

TRAQ-IT Lead Manager is available in many tablet sizes and each is packed with features, such as a camera, a barcode reader and an RFID scanner. All tablets come configured with TRAQ-IT’s patent software that allows the user to take full control. A Digital Pen comes with each tablet and when free hand notes are captured it is instantly converted to electronic text. Why wait for a print out of your Leads after the show? With TRAQ-IT all users can view Leads in real time and the ability to run reports. Export Lead information in all file formats to import into your CRM software.

TRAQ-IT Lead Retrieval Value and Highlights

  • Multiple Tablet Based Lead Retrieval Solutions
  • Full Featured App for iOS and Android devices
  • Scan or Search Badge ID to instantly capture Lead Details
  • Real-time collection and remote access to Lead information with Reporting Tools
  • Send Company Flyers, emails, greeting cards directly to Lead while in the Booth
  • Business Card Photo Capture
  • Add Photos to your Lead Profiles remotely or directly from Lead Retrieval device
  • Export and import leads in all file formats
  • Digital Pen Tablets with Free hand note writing capabilities
  • Reverse Lead Retrieval for Attendees
  • Custom Integration with CRM systems
  • On-site Support and Customer Service

lead-retrieval  Read about a recent Success Story at the Denver 2014 AAD Show

  • How customized do you want TRAQ-IT Lead Manager to be?
  • Do you want to have the ability to scan an Attendee’s Name Badge and directly link it to your Company’s Salesforce Data?
  • Have you thought about using reverse Lead retrieval so your attendees can scan exhibitors to further eliminate business cards and/or brochures?

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TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassCustomized Services including 3rd Party software integration, Data Management Solutions 


Since 1998 TRAQ-IT has been a battle-tested solutions provider. Our Development Team has combined years of experience developing solutions for all sizes of corporations, educational institutions, hospitals and government organizations. We understand we don’t have to “re-invent the wheel,” and have years of experience working with and around our clients' existing IT infrastructure, molding our value-added software to their needs.

With TRAQ-IT Solutions we offer custom database management, giving the organizer full control of Pre-Show, On-Site and Post Event Resources for instant communication with your database members and event registrants. Send on-line surveys with real time reports and analytics, email campaigns, and more. Our Dedicated TRAQ-IT Development Team is ready to meet your personal needs!

  • Do you require a Database Management solution to easily track your Events, Members and Logistics?

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TRAQ-IT Magnify GlassProfessional On-Site Staffing 

TRAQ-IT Provides professional on-site technology and staffing support for your Event.
  • Do you have a Registration issue and need help with a solution?

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