Check out the New and Refreshed version of TRAQ-IT

The TRAQ-IT Development Team has been researching, building and designing a new version of our product! We are excited to collaborate with you, our customer, to incorporate your feedback on the new look, features and redesigned interface.

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New Interface with Customized Dashboards


TRAQ-IT Features and Benefits

Expense Control

  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Friendly workflow management
  • Streamlined budget process
  • 3rd party expense management integration

Event Management

  • Reduce errors and miscommunication
  • Improved collaboration
  • Friendly data entry
  • Import and Export Data on-demand

Inventory Tracking

  • Reduce inventory recounts and errors
  • Better organized and controlled warehouse
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • On-demand inventory details

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Simplified report access
  • Enhanced layouts and outputs
  • New Executive Dashboards
  • Reduced dependency on spreadsheets

A Whole New Experience

Meeting Room

Schedule calendar that allows users to schedule group meetings, share availability, and schedule and plan meetings. Automatic updates are received in real-time.

Mobile Friendly

Introduction of our mobile-friendly platform will enable an enhanced user experience. You’ll be able to easily view and manage our TRAQ-IT product on the go.

Team Communication & Collaboration

Empowering each user to communicate and collaborate effectively as a team throughout the complete event life cycle.

Calendar Scheduler and Planner

Always have a comprehensive overview of complex scheduling, timelines with automatic updates and reminders in real-time to keep communication prompt.

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